The Words

24 Aug

The Words —written and directed by Brain Klugman and Lee Sternthal. Drama 102 minutes Color.


The Story: Do you have the right for the truth to set you free, and will it do it, is the conundrum at the heart of this grifter story of a literary theft.


What is the difference between a hunk and a lug? A lug is a hunk without sex appeal. Such is Bradley Cooper in leading roles such as this. He is an actor born to follow, born to play in ensemble, born to suborn his tiny talent as a leading man into a pretty big talent as a character lead. Alas, not here.

Here he heads up and gets made a film by his boyhood chums, and an interesting story it is too – except they don’t know how to tell it. Having written it, they assume it told.

But I labored for the entire film under the delusion that the lecture with which it began was the university professor’s public reading of a biography of the writer Cooper plays.

It is no such thing. It was by the mere chance of watching the Extra Features that I learned the truth – a truth which I shall reveal to you now since it should come as no surprise and no mystery. The book read out loud by Dennis Quaid – an actor of complete mastery in playing emptied souls – is not a biography. It is a work of fiction, which Cooper and others subsequently enact.

It deals with a writer who publishes a book he has not written.

The good part is that the person who has written it turns up and is played by that dab hand Jeremy Irons. An old man, at the end of his days, Irons bodies forth this creature in living grey! He is an actor who seems can do no wrong. He seems absolutely free in his craft. He seems to have a big space around him into which he may toss his inventions. His presence alone makes the picture worth your time.

And so does the question of whether the Cooper character is to ever tell the truth. Or simply ride the wave of the fame which is his and not his at all.

I leave that to your mulling. It is worth the watch to make it.

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