Hey, everyone, this is a site for movie lovers, one of whom is me. I write reviews of film I am drawn to, often because of someone involved in it. I don’t purport to write about all films or anything like that. I am particularly interested in the art and craft of acting. You can find your own favorite films and so forth by clicking on the orange arrow to the right.

As to the five-star-rating, I rate a film according to my sense that it achieved what it set out to do. So a B picture might get 5 stars. So, you see, the rating is not hierarchical. I’ll give high grades to a picture with an actor or director I admire or am particularly fond of or interested in. I don’t write reviews in terms of what others might like such as the general public or something, because I only know about me. I tend to rate most  pictures highly, because I watch films to have a good time, and I steer clear of those others.

I have had fiction in The New Yorker, Botteghe Oscure, The Michigan Quarterly. I’ve written for The National Lampoon, Look, The National Review. I am the author of the novel The Decline And Fall Of Daphne Finn and the musical Stars and the one-act plays Skittish. My  memoir of being a roadside beggar, Will Work For Food Or $, won a national award. My poetry has won a variety of  prizes. I won The H.C. Bunner Prize for American Literary Criticism from Columbia University. My papers are collected in The Mugar Memorial Library of Boston University. I love to write. I love it that you’re reading what I do.

If you like, visit my general writing site, for more information.

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