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Gone Dark

24 Mar

Gone Dark (aka The Limit) — directed by Lewin Webb — Crime Drama. An elderly woman is suspected by a drug-addicted policewoman of stashing a fortune in drugs and holds her at bay to find it. 83 minutes Color 2004.


Claire Forlani makes a disastrous mis-strategy in playing this part. It is a two-fold error. The first and dominant error is to play her as self-pitying, which means that, since she is always whiningly sorry for herself, one cannot pity her, and so one can never get behind her or exercise any patience on her behalf. Forlani is English, and the second error is to use a Lower East Side Italian accent for her, but never once to get behind the person behind the accent. This reduces her to grimacing and “using” her extraordinarily supple and sensual mouth for effect. Even had this error not been made by the principal actress, the film’s story is improbable in its execution, a fault that might have been remedied by strong narrative editing, but the editing is flaccid. As is the direction by a director who does not seem to know how to rehearse actors at all. We have the great Pete Postlethwaite great in all his scenes, yes, and we have superstar Lauren Bacall, who uses her Virgo cool to play a lady who does not suffer fools gladly, but who does suffer pistols gladly. She chooses to play her character Mae as a lady who sits back and contemplates how things shall unravel, which works, but the director might have given her an alternate or two. The film is entirely lacking in tension and conviction. Forlani describes it as a slice of life, but such a film cannot be that; it can only a highly charged artifact, made entertaining by its suspense, an ingredient the lack of which herein makes the cake fall flat.




18 Mar

Triggermen – directed by John Bradshaw – Crime Comedy. A hit misses the target and a whole bunch of people get jumbled up in a fancy hotel. 93 minutes Color 2010.

* * * * *

Everyone in this hit comedy is superb, and one wonders how the director got these performances before the camera. They look improvised, but they are far more telling than most improvisations. Amanda Plummer is top notch as the girlfriend in England of one of two clueless ninnies who have travelled to the States to score some easy dough, but instead they are locked in their sleazy hotel room for want of rent. One of them escapes and scores a briefcase with a stash inside, meant for two hit men. The great Pete Postlethwaite plays the target of the bullets, and he is the only one who sustains a straight face during the kaleidoscope of mistaken identities which follows. Donnie Wahlberg and the extraordinarily seductive Claire Forlani play the cooing duo hoping for reprieve from  gangsterdom. The piece is brilliantly written, as a ruthless drollery. If professional crime is this inept, we are safe in our beds. The film is beautifully edited and shot. Everyone is very funny. Every thing is very funny. Snuff said.


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