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Corpus Christi

15 Jan

Corpus Christi — directed by Jan Komasa. Drama. 1 hour 55 minutes Color 2019.
The Story: A 20 year old parolee is mistakenly taken to be the local priest and assumes the role as to the manner born.
Bartosz Bielenia plays the phony priest and his performance is well worth the awards he has been up for as was the film for an Oscar as best foreign film.

The reward here also lies in the many supporting players who make up the communities of the prison and village. They all come alive with the sexy issues of faith and belief, played off against human nature at is most various.

I highly recommend it as a must-see film. I am not going to say any more about because it will be your job to entertain its importance to you as you watch these wonderful actors tell the great tale.

Christ himself once put on priest’s garments and so became one. Not word in the Bible recounts his ordination as a rabi. No. He just took it upon himself. Sic est demonstatur the value of impersonation, copying, pocketing, purloining, counterfeiting, and rooking.

One wonders.



14 Dec

Ida – directed Pawel Pawlikowski. Drama. 82 minutes Black And White 2013.
The Story: Her niece pays a visit to an aunt she never knew she had, and the niece, a novitiate, and the aunt, a hedonist, embark on a search into the dynamic past of both of them.
Boy, here’s a film you won’t want to see: Black And White, Polish and in Polish, about a nun, and the grim aftermath of WWII. Yet it seems to have five stars tattooed above and to have won the Oscar For The Best Foreign Film Of 2013.

Why would I pluck this off the library shelf if I had never even heard of it? Don’t answer. Because the answer is: because you and I are both in luck.

People die when no one’s looking. And they live when no one’s looking. We all know that. This seems to be the square in which Pawlikowski frames his actors – lives seen beneath monstrous skies they do not notice.

It is perfectly acted by Agata Trzebuchowska as Ida, the novitiate. Hundreds of actresses were auditioned. She was discovered at a café table, a rank amateur, and thus began a film star career.

The aunt is played by Agata Kulesza, an actress of deep experience and every wile.

These two explore the places and persons of the past, as they travel through Poland in search of the core of the mystery encompassing both of them.

You will regret not a minute seeing this film. And having said that: you might regret every minute not yet seeing it.

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